Our Approach

One of the worst trends that has plagued the jewelry industry for generations is unethical and unsustainable material acquisition. Extortion, slavery, and pollution are skeletons found in many jewelers’ closets, making ethical fashion challenging. Polly Baumgartner, founder of Modhemia, is a stylish and boundary-breaking craftswoman striving to change these trends by making high-quality sustainable jewelry, packaged in biodegradable, eco-friendly materials. From her studio space in Bushwick, Polly toils over her work, creating pieces that fall somewhere between Bohemian and Modern fashion. One of her main focus is bringing authenticity back into the design process through slow fashion. By using a design process based on inspiration and creativity rather than speed and profit, Polly wants to make fast fashion a thing of the past and hopes to fill the gap between yesteryear’s and tomorrow’s quality jewelry.