You're Invited to Celebrate Our Grand Opening!


It’s been almost two years since I started Modhemia here in Brooklyn, Ny, but I’ve always felt like something was missing—I haven’t been able to give it my all. A few months ago I made a big leap and left my full time design job in order to focus on Modhemia full time and the experience has given me a fulfilling feeling of accomplishment like no other. I’ve loved working in the jewelry industry, but creating my own platform and product lines that I can be proud of—that’s everything I’ve wanted ever since I began. Even so, focusing on Modhemia full time is a bit… intimidating, but in the most exciting way! Things are happening, and in June 2019 Modhemia will become something I’ve always dreamed of—a real brick and mortar store!

On April 9th I learned that a small coffee shop space was open for rent and had to have it. I emailed immediately, expressing my interest, and a couple weeks later I received a confirmation that the space was mine! After celebrating for a few days—like you do—I got down to business planning the color palettes, jewelry cases, signs, etc. I put on my interior design hat and prepared for an early May move in.

It’s been almost a month since my lease began and the space looks totally different—I’m only halfway! For the first bit I was covered in paint, coating the walls in beige, making my beige dreams come true. Paint rolling an entire room definitely gets old after a while, especially the parts you finish up alone when your generous friends do have their own lives to live. Eventually I made it to the end and was able to install the glass jewelry showcases, mirrors, and wall hangers. I spent a weekend out of town and started to overthink some details, which had me worrying. When I returned to the space however, I felt truly relieved. The space felt good, and it calmed my anxieties. Once I got Modhemia pasted on the front window, it started to feel all the more real and my heart skipped a little—it’s happening. I’m doing it.

As I finish up the final touches before the curtain closes on the month of May, I’ve begun working with my colleagues to plan my next steps. A new store means an opening celebration of some kind, and as much as I love Bob’s Burgers (which I really really do) I only want one Grand Opening. Join us at the new store on Saturday June 1st from 5-8 PM! I can’t promise Kardashian cameos or live bands, but there will definitely be booze and prizes because honestly what’s a grand opening without a party??

I hope you enjoyed your holiday weekend—see you soon!

Polly xoxo